Mastroberardino Villa Dei Misteri 2008 (750 ml)
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Mastroberardino Villa Dei Misteri 2008 (750 ml)

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In 2001 we had the first significant harvest with the first vinification and refining of the Villa dei Misteri, produced in just 1,721 bottles that were placed for auction and distributed to passionates all over the world. The proceeds were used to support the restoration of the wine cellar in the site of the Foro Boario. In fact, close to the vineyard of the Foro Boario, the largest one, sited close to the ruins of the amphitheater and the great gym, there is an old wine cellar: a small building with 10 “dolia” underground, large earthenware containers where the wine making process happened.
For the first ten vintages of the Villa dei Misteri the blend consists of a 90% Piedirosso and 10%. From the 2011 vintage, that is still in refinement, following the starting of the production from the last implantations, Villa dei Misteri is obtained as a blend of three different varieties, presenting the following percentages of grapes: approximately Aglianico 40%, Piedirosso 40% and Sciascinoso 20%.

“It is our small tribute to a site that belongs to the world. Here viticulture was born, and here, after two thousand years, we revive the wine of Pompeii.”
Antonio Mastroberardino

“From where we could start if not from the vine, with respect to which Italy has an unchallenged supremacy so as to give the impression of having passed, with this single resource, the richness of any other country, even those that produce perfume?
After all, there is no greater delight in the world then the fragrance of the flowering vine flowering”

Plinio, Naturalis Historia, XIV, 8